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Another View, a one person show of hand colored polymer intaglio etchings by Ruth A B Clegg at Providence Art Club. May 13- June 2, 2017.
Ants_ Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Big Leaf_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Birds in the Sky_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Flying Away_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Harvest Time_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Lady Bug_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Marching Ants_Handolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Night Sky_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Plant Underworld_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Sunset_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Thru the Leaves_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.Water Droplets_Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_450.

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