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A showing of Ruth Clegg's Water Lily Series using Dye Sublimation photographs and Hand Colored Polymer Intaglio prints at the Hamilton House on the Eastside of Providence, Rhode Island. Show runs January-February 2016
_001Ruth A B Clegg cover_005 Resume Ruth Clegg_004 Artist Statement Dye Sub Process_002 Ruth A B Clegg Showings_003 Ruth A B Clegg ShowingsAquatic World 400.00 Dye SubFloating 400.00 Handcolored Polymer IntaglioBelow the Surface 400.00 Dye SubCerulean Waters  400.00 Dye SubHanging Out 800.00 Dye SybDisturbance 800.00 Dye SubIntertwined 425.00 Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_Just Below 400.00Let's Dance 400.00 Dye SubLily Dance 400.00 Dye SubLily Pad in the Grasses  800.00 Dye SubLine Dance 425.00 Handcolored Polymer IntaglioParadise 400.00 Handcolored Polymer Intaglio_Playful 400.00 Dye SubThe Dog Swam Thru 300.00 Handcolored Poylmer Intaglio_