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Creating a Business Portrait

June 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Creating a business portrait is a very exciting and interesting process. Each individual business person has a set of ingredients that defines them, their job and the direction that they wish to take. It is extremely important to discuss the current position that they have and what they would like to illustrate about it, who are their clients and how do they interact with their peers, co-workers and competitors.  It might also be prudent to discuss future plans and what they might entail. This is the story that needs to be illustrated with the choice of clothing, lighting, background and location.





I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley, a Landscape Architect. Our photographic goals were to have her look professional, approachable, and competent. Her business generally focuses on large developments, public streetscapes, low income and affordable housing, as well as residential landscapes. This covered quite a bit of territory and different types of relationships, thus we needed to think very hard about the backgrounds and lighting to create the looks that we wanted. 






Ashley decided on a white tailored top and a black relaxed scoop neck top. We looked for spaces with texture and foliage in the background. I decided to try lighting with hard back lighting, frontal full lighting and edge of shade lighting. The sun added some hard light for a main light, light bouncing off a building across the street added a kicker light to Ashley’s hair and the edge of shade created a softer more approachable situation. 




Ashley’s final selections are both very approachable and professional looking. Each image has texture and the sense of the outdoors. Both will serve Ashley well on her web site, LinkedIn profile and any other social media or professional need that she may have. It was a pleasure to work with Ashley!