Ruth A B Clegg | Working with missing members of your Family Portrait

Working with missing members of your Family Portrait

April 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What do you do when you organize a Family Portrait and part of the group can't show up? Don't stress or change the date, it is possible to add them to your image. 





IMG_6086 copyIMG_6086 copyInitial family portrait creating a base.

First establish your date, clothing and location. These decisions need to be duplicated for the missing family members. It is important to try to create the same lighting, although in this portrait the second session had sun in the background which created more retouching difficulties but it all worked out! 

IMG_6649IMG_6649 IMG_6645IMG_6645 IMG_6673_2IMG_6673_2

Next, make sure that they have the same experience. I try for "fun". The mood has to be the same if you are going to blend all of the images into one image.

IMG_8680Family PortraitFinal blended family portrait

This part is the most important, create trust with your client that it will be beautiful when completed. I usually invite the client to view my work at different stages so that they can feel involved. It does take longer than a traditional one time family portrait session. There also is an additional cost. The value of having everyone in the same portrait is worth it. A timeless remembrance, priceless!